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Hi, I am Dolores Terry, a certified leadership coach.  I  spent much of my life trying to figure things out alone and doing what I thought was expected of me. Personal success like career achievements left me feeling empty and dissatisfied. A pattern I noticed was that people often sought out my advice and I loved supporting them. Guiding and supporting those around me always gave me energy. But that was a “side job” for me.

Then things changed.  Several years ago, I made the decision to follow my heart and pursue a certification as an executive leadership coach.  I have continued to expand my skills with certifications in emotional intelligence, positive psychology, resilience training, team coaching and adult learning styles.  The results have been life changing. Now, equipped with life experience and the applied science of how to produce meaningful change in one’s life, I guide my clients through new growth and breakthroughs in their personal and professional lives.   

So now, what about you?  You don’t have to struggle trying to figure it out alone.  Take the next step.

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